Join our Conscious Grocery Shopping Adventure

In a world, where plastic islands as big as Central Europe in the Pacific Ocean exist and no country is taking action because it’s International Waters*, we as consumers need to start to shift from single-use to mindful reusing. But how does that adventure of conscious grocery shopping look like?

Come with us on this exciting journey.

Why do we actually care about creating less garbage if it’s anyway going to be recycled?

Recycling is a fairy tale. No matter where you are. Because garbage never really disappears fully. And it takes energy to produce and decompose something. The documentary “Plastic China” opened my eyes on why we have actually to recycle less and not more.

Here is a little roadmap on how to shop more consciously

at home before your shopping trip

      1. The first important question is: Where am I doing my groceries?
        1. Farmers markets
        2. Bio shops, farmer shops on the countryside, specialty shops
        3. Are there zero waste shops? either check on the Bulk Find App to find bulk options in your region or look for local facebook groups with tons of tips
        4. Supermarkets are the absolutely last option -> if there is an option, go to a family owned supermarket
      2. Second question: What do I need to prepare for a conscious grocery shopping adventure?
        1. Ask yourself:
          1. What do I really need to buy?
          2. What do we eat the most?
          3. What not so much?
          4. What can we finish first before buying more
            1. Check fridge
            2. Check the whole kitchen
            3. Create a shopping list with stuff you really love and use and that is (mostly) locally and seasonally produced
      3. Box / jar / bag hunting
        1. Compare with your shopping list
        2. Do you have sufficient jars/bags/Tupperware’s/washing nets? Always take some more to have in the case you need them.
        3. Check if everything is fresh washed and clean
        4. The jars and boxes we always disinfect with hot water and make sure they are completely dry
        5. Take some old cardboard boxes or banana boxes if you’re going by car so you can store your groceries there

At the store and market

  1. Take a deep breath, have fun and enjoy the new adventure
  2. What do I need and where is it?
    1. Be curious and try to see your normal shopping environment with fresh eyes
    2. If there is no bulk option, look if there are alternatives to plastic like paper
    3. if that’s not an option and also no alternative product either, take the biggest packaging possible
  3. How to manage the shopping?
    1. Say no to any plastic bag with a charming smile and handle your own bag/jar – they will love it
    2. If it’s a zero-waste or bulk store give them your boxes and jars to weight
    3. Take everything you need and have on your list
    4. Ask for no receipt if possible (it’s so toxic)
    5. Put it in your reusable shopping bag and thank the staff for their cooperation!


Back at home

  1. Take care of your produce, store it properly so that you don’t have to create any food waste
  2. Compost all fruit and veggie garbage ❤️
  3. Maybe you want to create a meal plan? We’re more the just throw-every-thing-in-the-pan-experimenters 😀
  4. Check if there are community gardens or make your own little urban garden
  5. Cook with LOVE and enjoy your amazing, local, seasonal produce!
  6. And maybe watch this interesting ted talk about creating smarter everyday products like fridges and invent something cool for us! :)

Does that mean I can never buy anything new anymore?

First always check all the flat, basement, neighbors & friends, secondhand, fair and sustainable options. We just want to sensibilise you to make more conscious shopping decisions and also question what is offered you – to make it easier for you, I picked some sustainable alternatives from IKEA.



1 Küchenkräuter-Gewächshaus / little greenhouse for your herbs
2 Hübsche Glasvorratsdose / pretty glass jar
3 Einmachgläser-Set / preserving jar for jams, kimchi & co.
4 Stoffservietten / cloth napkin
5 Abfalltrennung / waste separation boxes
6 Einkaufstasche aus Bananenstaudenfaser / grocery bag made from banana tree fiber
7 Handgefertigte Dose / handmade box
8 Glasvorratsdosen-Set / glass storage jars set
9 Servierschale aus Seegras / serving bowl made from seaweed

Normally I don’t like to support big companies but have you know that their employees are wearing fair fashion? Or that they’re working on a sustainable recycled kitchen? I recommend you to read their sustainability report – I was for sure surprised and happy to see that there is a mindful shift happening in big cooperations.


// this was created in cooperation with IKEA Switzerland & 30 Euro go towards the non-profit organization here in Bali – thank you Adam Marcan for the amazing video-making! //

*all source of information: / / / / / /

PS. If you’re in Bali, come join us for the Kedungu Beach (near Canggu) Clean Up this Thursday or spread the word! <3


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    1. Thank you so much dear Deborah :) we’re happy and grateful to read that.<3 Hopefully we’re going to have many helping hands on Thursday when we go to clean up a local beach here in Bali :) but in the meantime, every single one of us can make little mindful changes.
      Biggggg hug to you!

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