Desire for a relationship: But would you recognize love?

I still remember the day my best friend Deborah and I spent in our favorite vegan café Lima Limon and she said to me: “You wouldn’t recognize LOVE even if it would stand in front of you!”

And that was mind blowing. Wow. That stuck with me and really made me think and feel deeper.

Am I actually ready for real love? Or do I still wanna play games and be the poor heartbroken girl who no-one wants?

Because to really be with someone means being real with yourself and before you can be real with yourself you need to stop bullshitting yourself.

Radical honesty baby. That’s the key.

As long as you’re not going to the roots of your suffering and blockades in life, you’re swimming on the shallow, pretending to dive.

But actually, a relationship where both want to go deep, let go and clean up shit is more like free diving.

And that can be a scary thing. Uhuuu.. because it’s not just pink clouds and sparkly unicorns. It’s facing the shits, watching the dark side, feeling like there is no light and moving through it.

So instead of “loosing” time with guys and some “unreal” stuff, get clear of what you want and if you’re really living it. No one will just come and everything will be magical. You’ll need to do your work and give yourself what you need to let go, raise your self-worth-love-care and treat yourself as you want to be treated!

PS. How’s your dating looking like? Are you happy or do you wish something else? What about your relationship? Deep enough or would you wish something different?



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