What is ThetaHealing?

I recorded this video in India at the Amritapuri Ashram which totally feels like home to me. It’s all about ThetaHealing, how I found it and you can win a 1:1 session via Skype with me. It will be in English, so it’s only for people who’s mother tongue isn’t German since I already gave away sessions in German. Just write me an email with your WHY to aleks.glitzeric@gmail.com – the giveaway ends this Friday.

You’re curious to read more? Then¬†dive into my new ThetaHealing page¬†where I answer common questions. If you feel called, you can also just book your 1:1 session directly here. I’m excited for everyone who comes and is open to healing old wounds and let go of repeating negative patterns! :)


Picture by Mirjam Herms


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