My Self-Love Experiment: Why do I shave?

I was observing myself and my girlfriends the other day just before we had to leave the house. It was hot so we wanted to wear something short, but we weren’t freshly shaved or waxed, and we were freaking out. 

It somehow made me think why this feels more natural than just wearing that skirt no matter what our legs look like.

I had to ask myself: why do I keep removing my body hair (and even pay for the pain of it)?

I wasn’t really sure why, and if it’s really what I want to do or just something I picked up by the society and beauty industry, so I decided to stop removing my hair on my legs, yoni and my armpits for a few weeks (which turned into a few months)…

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This is an article that was written by me and published on Elephant Journal.


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