Beautiful Sisters,

I’m writing you from a space where I actually experienced space – space from my stories, space from all the stuff I tell and label myself, life and people around me. It’s a new interesting thing for me to choose my reality. To stop being a victim of my circumstances but actually realize that I have such a huge power over how I show up in my life and experience the challenges. How can I relax more into life? Build trust? And keep moving in the same time? 

Emptying out… Sounds scary to give all away…but what sweet relief. What sweet gift of seeing and feeling you are light. You are a soul – whaaaat. Yup. Radiating light. You are so beyond all that you tell yourself every day.


I’d like to take you to that space – space of emptying out in nature with other amazing women – that have different stories attached but are the same essence, same light, same radiating heart calling them and your home.

I’m inviting you to join me from August 31st until September 2nd for a weekend in nature with sisters, joy, relief, sharing, caring, amazing food, good wine and sweet cakes in Ticino – the beautiful Italian part of Switzerland.

A weekend to empty out from the active summer season and moving in and beyond your body through yoga and many other helpful tools that you can take and bring into your everyday life to feel ALIVE. Because that’s what matters and sometimes we’re too caught up to see and distance ourselves from what’s happening outside and what’s actually calling from the inside.

EnJOY with me and 7 other sisters an intimate gathering for 2 nights and 2 days in beautiful Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. Let’s celebrate the sweetness of life and liberate the wild courageous woman inside of us. You already are… the time has come to deeply recognize it from your heart.


~ max. 5 women
~ we’ll sleep and spend time in a beautiful Rustico in Ticino with a big lush garden to relax and nurture yourSelf
~ we’ll move our bodies, touch our hearts, expand our breath for life and FEEL
~ we’ll enjoy amazing food, swim (naked) in wild waters, have wine and green smoothies, have adventurous walks in the woods, create ceremonies in nature and just connect to our true Self and practicing LIVING YOGA with the helpful tools that Yoga has to offer – from working with Wisdom Goddesses to find your voice and power center to complete relaxation and floating in Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga – I’m a 300 hours certified Yoga Teacher and will be trained another 150h this June in Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga. I believe in Living Yoga and using all the tools I have to live a life aligned with my heart desires. Yoga offers tools to manage our systems and so be able to show up for ourselves and the world.

~You investment is CHF 525.- (early bird until 15th of May/454 Euro) and CHF 666.- after the early bird price (575 Euro)
and includes 2 nights, 2 dinners, 2 brunches, coffee/tea/fruit/cake surprises, 1 opening & 1 closing ceremony, 3 x yoga play session, ecstatic blissful dancing and in between time to connect naturally either alone or with others
~ before the retreat you’ll prepare yourSelf with the Gone Brave Women Starter Kit Course which is included in the retreat

I’m offering one sister that is struggling financially the opportunity to join for a discounted price and instead invest her energy and love with me in the kitchen. :) just hit me an e-mail if you really wanna join and also love to help create beautiful nourishing meals for us and our goddess sisters.

This retreat is for you if your heart calls you, it’s for you even if your knees might shake because you want to finally feel ALIVE, RADIANT and in TUNE with your inner guidance system. You want to LIVE FULLY WITH ALL THE INTENSITY OF LIFEjoy and terror, bliss and pain – instead of keep numbing yourself because of fear.

Reserve your spot now via hello@magicallifeofaleks.com and let me know WHY you wanna be part of this journey.


“I believe that if there is something you need in order to move forward, the universe will send you on a journey. The 14 days of brave women was a journey like that. Aleks created space for everyone to go deep within and allowed us to examine our beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. I loved that the exercises were simple, to the point and that I could really focus on the parts of me I used to look away from. I am grateful for connecting with all women who participated, the love and support that were omnipresent in any form of our communication. What I really enjoyed was that it wasn’t all positive affirmations and sugar coating. In the most loving way, Aleks made me face my own *shit* and lies I was telling myself. That helped me incredibly to dissolve the old concepts and I connected with the raw, authentic and wild woman that I am.” (Linda Bezdekova, Czech Republic)

“When I first read about this course the outline instantly resonated with me, even though I had no idea what it would be like exactly. And I am so so glad I joined. To kick the year off by tending to myself, facing my inner issues, shits and truths, turned out to be very insightful and precious. Every day’s ritual revealed another layer of my own truth and I can already feel a shift for me and notice that I am becoming more and more aware about situations, emotions and actions I need, or rather want, to work on. I especially enjoyed the journaling exercises and being connected to a community of truly inspiring women. Sharing my own insights with them, and especially with my soulsister buddy Céline (forever so grateful! 💕🙏), and reading about their experiences pushed to continue working on myself. And made me realize: we are all connected, we all carry our package, we’re all walking each other home in the end. As I am not a superstitious person per se and have a rather skeptical nature, I have to say that I pushed all biases aside and approached the course rituals with an open mind and heart, not taking everything too seriously – thus I really enjoyed almost all of them and was able to take a lot out of this course. Thank you so much, Aleks, for this carefully thought out the course and all the love & heart you put into it for us! Much love to you and my soulsister community here 💓🤲” (Karina Seidel, Switzerland)

You can find more feedback on my website wonderful sister..<3 but the truth is that if your heart is calling you, it is the right thing. No matter who says what – good or bad, amazing or fearful – your heart truth matters. 

Once you registered, you’ll transfer the deposit of 200 Swiss Francs, which is not refundable. The investment doesn’t include any transportation or any extras you wish to enjoy for yourself. With paying the deposit, the process already is starting – it will build up until the retreat and you’ll also feel the effects after it. Also, I am able to offer you a space to sleep in Zurich if you’re arriving from another country. <3

So excited to do this amazing adventurous inner work in beautiful and abundant places with you my dears! :)

With much LOVE from Goa,



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