a little journey through INDIA & WE can protect the rainforests

I take you on my typical morning walk here in a tiny fisherman’s village in Kerala which is in South India where I am staying at the Amritapuri ashram for three months.

I’m not only showing you India but also talking about how WE can protect the rainforest and its habitats like orang-utans.

This video is created by me, Aleks Nikolic, in creative collaboration with the organization PanEco. Read the two blog posts I wrote about PALM OIL and ORANGUTANS. You can also type the Hashtags #RaisingPalmOilAwareness and #RaisingOrangUtanAwareness on Instagram and Facebook to connect with like-minded people and learn how to live life in alignment with the rainforest-protection.

Since Christmas is coming, I recommend you gifting a friend or family member an orangutan-adoption which is only 25 dollars per month and as a Christmas box it comes with a fluffy orangutan, certification, and biography. They also keep you regularly updated which I really like! :) Find more information about the adoption or make now a one-time-donation.


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