people say

people say don’t cry
people say I can’t see you so sad
people say you will feel better again
people say than this person was maybe not the right one
people say why why why why
people say just don’t be so much in pain anymore
people say “this” is not to be shared in public or on social media

And I say: STOP IT.

It’s not yours to judge (“just say”) or solve.

In a world where sadness in society is real but people watch away
In a world where we feel ashamed to cry in public
And are not given space to grief
In a world where depression is rising and cool-looking influencers tell us what we need next
deep inside we feel disconnected no matter how unbelievably connected the world seems
In a world where everything needs to be solved immediately
and we forgot how to listen
to others
to ourselves
our feelings
In a world where we don’t want to see sadness and pain because it reminds us of the part deep inside of us that we’ve have abandoned
In a world where we think pain and sadness are bad and something you have to suffer from
And we can’t watch in each others eyes but rather pretend everything is “okay”

I say: STOP IT.

It’s not yours to judge (“just say, ask, think, comment, cheer up) or solve (nope).

BUT it’s yours to hold space.
A space much needed
To feel safe to grief
To feel safe to be vulnerable
To feel safe, to be honest, and let go of walls
A space of healing and deep soul connection
This happens completely quiet
If you’re not ready for this, just be honest

Because there is nothing to solve, just to listen and hold space.

So the next time, please just hold space

Means: just listen, welcome grief, acknowledge the pain, be more vulnerable with people – also online YES – why not? feel whatever arises, don’t walk away from your inside (in the shiny happy social-media world)

The world needs more space holders.
That’s the medicine


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