How to really experience the deep healing Magic of Bali

Many of you asked me for Bali tips… and I have big issues with writing just a classic travel blogpost – I did that about Bali already once and also I’m writing in German on the Boalingua Blog about mindful traveling – you won’t see from me things like “the best 5 things to do in Costa Rica”.

Is Bali for everyone?

In today’s video I’m sharing with you how to get the most out of Bali and really experience the deep healing magic that can happen there – if you’re open, let go of expectations and follow your hearts calling instead of just booking the next holidays!

Bali isn’t for holidays – Bali is for deep soul experiences. 

Places I really enjoyed this time

*Sayuri’s, Healing Foods in Ubud (the Mexican raw lasagna on Sunday is to die for, drink dragonfruit kefir, buy their organic moringa, cocoa butter, eat the best desserts and try their VEGAN BACON! it’s O M G. Made from dehydrated coconut.)

*Satu Satu in Canggu (try the flat white with coconut milk, veganize the Satu Satu Veggie & Nasi Goreng (ask for more tempeh, avocado or baked beans, no yogurt & cheese)

*Oma Jamu in Canggu (best local clean food buffet, also they sell organic veggies, jamu (healing ayurvedic tumeric drink), coconut kefir for normal prices)

*Bali Budda Shop all around Bali (homemade peanut & almond butter and package-free shopping – the granola is so yummy)

*The Practice Yoga Studio (try YIN with Nik and Jioty & Moon Hatha! I love this place, was my second home in Canggu since I had the monthly unlimited pass – totally worth it!)

*Organise a Beach Clean-up with Eco Bali (write them and they will give you reusable garbage bags plus pick them up!) & take care of your garbage produce and nature – Adam and I created a beautiful video about that topic with all our tips and you’ll see a typical Balinese beach:

After all, I recommend you to let yourself be guided by the Bali Spirit and your heart. 



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  1. thank you so much for this inspiring blogpost – know I even know deeper: Bali is the right place for me to go <3
    Thank you for your pure & passionate way of being <3

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