Free yourself daily – my 6 personal & practical challenges

When you think about freedom, you mostly think about the big things in your life that you want to change. But actually, it’s the small daily actions that keep us in the golden cage. So before you’re thinking too much about how to quit your job, leave the country or whatever you feel called to – take a look at your daily habits and start from there into a life of (inner) freedom.

Okay… but how do I find out what are my daily limitations?

When are you keeping yourself smaller than you are? When are you saying yes, when you actually mean no? When are you holding yourself back because of fear instead of just going for it?

Take time to just watch yourself for one day, maybe even a whole week. Just watch your habits and behavior from a distance – if you’re open for radical honesty, you’ll recognize the daily limits very fast.

For me, it was not being able to talk freely about my thoughts and feelings. Or dancing. Or just screaming loud in nature.

So I started to work on those little blockers in my life and free myself from those limitations.

Challenge yourself daily with small but effective actions

1. Watch a stranger into his/her eyes and smile from your heart.

2. Make someone you don’t know a genuine compliment. On the street, at the school, in your office, café, lunch… If you feel it, share it.

3. Honestly answer the question “HOW ARE YOU?” and also really listen when someone is answering it – signalize that you are interested – or don’t ask at all.

4. Every time you are about to make a decision, move for a moment inwards (ex. close eyes, take a deep inhale and exhale) and ask: What do I feel to do? Be radical honest and say either HELL YES or kind but clear NO.  I mean if your not honest with yourself, with whom then?!
Extra Tip: If it’s a YES, it’s a YES. If it’s a MAYBE, it’s a NO. 

5. Recognize the urge of keeping yourself busy and decide consciously to sit with it and watch it. That means to stop keeping yourself busy – don’t plan all your evenings because you don’t like to be alone at home. Be alone at home instead and sit with that uncomfy feeling. Feel it all. You’ll grow and realize it’s not that bad.

6. Watch in the mirror, into your eyes and make yourself a positive formulated, beautiful COMPLIMENT. Yes, yes, do it! Maybe, Baby, you’ll also say: I  L O V E  Y O U – how does it feel? Awkward? Why? Go inside of that feeling – that means just sit with it without any distractions and feel it.

Real freedom: From the outside, it goes back inside

Outer limitations are always connected to some inner topic. Like not being able to speak up because of fear what others think – so of course, I was not able to talk about my feelings, dance or just scream. Bring yourself out of comfort zone and then slowly move to the root of the limitations.  It’s good to reflect your emotions and behavior – my best way to do this is through ThetaHealing or Yin Yoga.

Working with a coach and trying out an (energetic) healing method (like healing audio affirmations by my friend Anaya) can help you to dive deeper into these limitations – because sometimes we know what we want to change but we feel blocked and not able to really move beyond it. That’s happening because we have some beliefs that are holding us back.

It’s good to ask for help – always remember that it’s an investment in yourself! And what other investment could be more precious? Since only what you give yourself, you can give others.


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