Exploring: Fear of being misunderstood

There is so much to be discovered, it amazes me day by day. Yesterday when I posted my Instagram story with my very personal pictures, I hesitated for a moment (but did it anyway since that’s just a value I live by).

“Why,” I asked myself?

And now this morning I understood why.

Because I’ve been scared that people will misunderstand it. Box it. Make it their own. Have an opinion.

Where does this fear of being misunderstood come?

The base of it seems my own insecurity – if I’m feeling safe within myself and like even if you have a “wrong” picture of me – so what does this actually really change in my world?


I’m not talking here about being inspired to question and change something. More like even deeper, not in an ego way: Can I leave you with a wrong picture of me and still stay at peace with who I am and the decisions I make?

Can I find peace with what no matter comes up?
No matter who cares and doesn’t care?

There are these quotes we read all the time and our mind knows them, so we just kind wave them away with the feeling we know it all. For example that no one can you make feel anything without your permission.

So true. No one can make you feel good without your permission – isn’t it like this? Feel into this. It’s not a mind thing. If I want to stay in my drama, I’ll stay there. I’ll create more of it. But if I’m open – I might question it, exchange it – feel better. And the same goes for feeling bad.

So now imagine unconsciously we are every day deciding on what we want and don’t want to take from others – imagine we would be aware of it.

Wouldn’t that change everything?

I mean it triggers ME, so it’s MINE. You didn’t put the fear of being misunderstood by you into me. It’s my old story which I (!) can clear up if I turn from me instead of blaming you or even worse just ignoring it. And also it’s not mine. Because what’s really mine in the end? The soul is pure.

Again: self-responsibility & self-honesty attained through mindfulness, again and again.

PS. I just love Fia’s music so much. It’s like just WOW. Go listen. Go feel. And join me for the last workshops this year in Zurich if you feel called to transform, change, let go, grow and meet your soul and heart.



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