9 questions to journal today to help you get clear about 2018

Let’s stop writing stuff like “losing weight”, “earning more money” and so on as a new years resolutions. I’m realizing more and more that if I shift from just “I” to the bigger picture and how I can be of service, things start to move and I feel trust in life.

These 9 questions to journal are my gift to you and if you get really honest, you will benefit A LOT! If you wanna go even deeper, join now my 14 days of courageous rituals.

You have heart gifts and the world can benefit from them. Not only that: It will give you a deep sense of satisfaction because you’re not denying but living them! :)

1. What did you learn 2017? Can you find appreciation and gratitude for all the pain and dark moments?

2. What are you ready to let go and stop repeating in 2018?

3. Where can you take more self-responsibility in your life?

4. What are you grateful for in your life? Write full sentences: I’m grateful for the ability to see my shits and work through them.

5. What are your gifts in this life? What are you really good in? It can be skills you learned but also things like “feeling others”, being fair and so on.

6. And how can you and this gifts be of service to the world?

7. What are your values in life and are you living them? Where can you make yourself more accountable for living them truly?

8. What is your vision for 2018? How would look your perfect day? Why is this your perfect day? What is the motivation behind that?

9. Write down 13 heart wishes. Burn every evening one paper without reading it and just open the 13th. That’s the one you have to take care of in 2018.

How did it go?
Let me know, send me an email (aleks.glitzeric@gmail.com) and join the 14 days of courageous rituals where we’ll dive even deeper into that and take action right in the beginning of 2018 – to create a powerful base for the whole year!


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