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Exploring: Fear of being misunderstood

There is so much to be discovered, it amazes me day by day. Yesterday when I posted my Instagram story with my very personal pictures, I hesitated for a moment (but did it anyway since that’s just a value I live by).

“Why,” I asked myself?

And now this morning I understood why.

Because I’ve been scared that people will misunderstand it. Box it. Make it their own. Have an opinion.

Where does this fear of being misunderstood come?

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tipps for intuitive cooking & simple recipes to play with in your kitchen

What kind of cooking type are you? The one who thinks she/he can’t cook at all, the one who’s never sure what to cook, take it too seriously or do you just experiment as I do?

If you think you can’t cook: It’s a lie. It’s like saying you can’t paint or get creative. I always thought I can’t cook, I made fires in the kitchen, burned a lot of food and pots – everyone was telling me to better just keep washing dishes instead of cooking. Then the day came where I finally grabbed the book “Skinny Bitch” (it’s not what you think:D) under a mountain of clothes and started reading it.

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people say

people say don’t cry
people say I can’t see you so sad
people say you will feel better again
people say than this person was maybe not the right one
people say why why why why
people say just don’t be so much in pain anymore
people say “this” is not to be shared in public or on social media

And I say: STOP IT.

It’s not yours to judge (“just say”) or solve.

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These days I want to grief for myself

GRIEF – It needs space and courage to let grief in. But also the strength to not drown in it.

I saw a beautiful video on rituals from The School of Life we humans cultivated in the past but dropped more and more to keep the economy going (which has obvious consequences).

They talk about a ritual they have in Papa New Guinea – when someone leaves the tribe the nearest person(s) have 3 days to grief in their hut and they call this grieving AWUNBUK – they don’t have to take an active part of the community life. For these three days, they fill a coconut shell with water – it symbolizes the pain and tears which flow into it and on the third day they throw this water in nature and let go of all the pain. I like this a lot.

These days I want to grief for myself.

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What is ThetaHealing?

I recorded this video in India at the Amritapuri Ashram which totally feels like home to me. It’s all about ThetaHealing, how I found it and you can win a 1:1 session via Skype with me. It will be in English, so it’s only for people who’s mother tongue isn’t German since I already gave away sessions in German. Just write me an email with your WHY to – the giveaway ends this Friday.

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