good girl gone brave woman – 14 days of courageous rituals

We admire brave people and feel so inspired by them but how brave are we able to be when listening to our hearts has a direct consequence of standing alone? Can we still listen to ourselves even dough everyone is saying the opposite, getting triggered and maybe even reject us? Can we still trust? Speak up? Share? Get really honest with ourselves? 

Join me and other sisters around the planet on JANUARY 1st (full moon of course!) to kickstart the new year differently – braver, freer, lighter, more joyful, calmer and just LIVING more from the sacred space of our HEARTS. From darkness to light and from the light to the darkness. 

During these 14 days of courageous rituals, we’ll explore what it means to live GOOD GIRL GONE BRAVE WOMAN. We’ll grow our balls, connect, share, laugh, cry, let go, create, manifest – we’ll get to know ourselves better. And bring magic into the present moment and our every day lives.



*It will be super simple – 14 days, every day one e-mail, every day one ritual, every day one question to ask yourself, every day an opportunity to build your COURAGE MUSCLE. 

*We’re starting together on FULL MOON (letting go, creating space) -> literally letting go the good girl to become the brave woman our heart calls us to be – so that we finish together on NEW MOON (setting intentions, manifestation) with a new base to keep living COURAGE as a core value.

*Early Bird Super Brave Soulsister Price is 22 Euro. Yup, that’s all. If you’re the kind of person who loves to dive even deeper and loves energetic work, you have also the possibility to buy it as a package with a ThetaHealing session for 66 Euro.

*The best thing is that you don’t have to do this alone – I’ll match you with a soulsister if you don’t sign up with a girlfriend.YES! That’s super cool. #womensupportwomen

These rituals are for you if:

⁃ You’re not really happy

⁃ You feel stressed

⁃ Say often YES to things and people that you don’t feel

⁃ Don’t like your job

⁃ Are scared to let go

⁃ Are not sure how to listen to your intuition

⁃ Just don’t feel well (feeling always tired or just okay is not how you should feel the most of your days!)

Because during this 14 days:

-You’ll tap into your heart space

-Learn what it really means to take care of yourself

-Reconnect back to your intuition and experience the difference between mind and inner voice

-We’ll create a base of TRUST and feel that we’re never alone on this journey

-Learn to get more comfortable with being brave, raw, vulnerable, honest and 

-Tap into SELF-honesty and SELF-responsibility 

-You’ll take your power back sister and start to free yourself from past stories, wounds, and beliefs.

-learn how to reflect on what is happening inside and outside of you and see the learning and lesson in every trigger

-BECOME BRAVER TO BE YOURSELF instead of playing what you think you should be! 

-Finally, take time for yourself – and for all the good and painful stuff that is knocking on your inner door

-Feel to heal

-Learn to set boundaries and only say yes if you feel it from your heart

-Learn how to speak up for yourself and share your thoughts, experiences, and feelings with others 

-Learn how to create space and rituals for yourself every damn day! #selflove #selfcare



How does the format look like?

This interactive 14 days courageous rituals course. we’re starting together on January 1st that’s FULL MOON and the course is over one WHOLE MOON CYCLE. For 14 days (until NEW MOON) you’ll get an email from me straight in your email box with rituals, questions, take action steps (all in form of text, video and audio) that you can do in your everyday life – nothing takes longer than 30 minutes, most of it much less – you decide for yourself how much TIME you want to INVEST in YOURSELF. :) it’s about experimenting, the most important thing is to COMMIT and stay curious about something. Especially if we start looking for excuses why it’s not possible. :))

Why is it based on a MOON CYCLE?

So that you can connect to your feminine power, feeling yourself and creating space for your healing, transformation and reconnection to your intuition during the very powerful phases of the FULL (letting go) and NEW (manifestation) MOON. Courage is not one huge thing you do once in your life. It’s everyday choices we make. We speak up when someone is being treated unfairly or we watch away. We say no if we don’t feel something or we please. Since I started to live by the moon phases the changes, moods, and shifts in life make much more sense to me, I see the bigger picture and can feel I am not alone in this.

Do I have to do all by myself? Am I getting any support?

If you’re signing up without a girlfriend, you get a buddy! yes, a soulsister who will share this journey with you, so that you can support each other! isn’t that amazing?! I know it can be also a bit scary and out of comfort zone but that’s why you’re doing this course, no?! :))

I decided to do this because we’re so much more dedicated if we’re not alone in it and I always learn the most when with my best soulsisters friends. It’s so supportive and helpful to not be alone on this journey but share with someone! :) and you learn to open up, being vulnerable, listen, feel, see what triggers and scares you – it’s a great opportunity to practically learn. Btw. it’s a really nice Christmas gift if you wanna join with a girlfriend and change your life together! :)

There will be one live online sharing circle during the 14 days a special live follow-up call at the end of February – so we can check-in together how it’s going and share our ups and downs. Also, you’ll have your buddy which is really cool since you’ll not only have direct support but also gain a new like-minded(-hearted), friend! During these 14 days, I’m also here to support you via e-mail, so you can always drop me an email! 

Stay also tuned for live streams on Facebook and Instagram during the next month.

What will happen after I buy the course? 

You’ll get a confirmation email within 24 hours with the next steps! YAY, SO exciting!!!! We’re starting all together January 1st! 

Is there a possibility to work 1:1 with you?

There is a limited amount (8x) of ThetaHealing spots available. So if you want to deepen your experience and do a powerful ThetaHealing Session (read here more about it) with me, this will support you in digging deeper into negative repeating patterns and beliefs and exchange them through positive ones – you’ll feel def. lighter and more able to actually do the stuff you wanna do and with that also taking your power back! Very empowering. 

Is it possible to join later or another time? 

This course is only possible to attend (and buy) on special dates like now in the beginning of the year. The next starts in spring – it’s only possible to do it collectively. Once you have it, you can always join the “live” sessions and do it as often as you want. 

In which language is the course happening?

Right now it’s only possible to buy the English version but later this week there will be also a German one available. 

Can I gift the course to my awesome best friend?

Yes! Just get a beautiful personalized gift card which you can also print and gift as a beautiful Christmas present and as a way of enjoying quality time together. 

*My dear you’re capable of so much more than you think! It’s time to take your power back and step into your light! If you have any question, just drop me an email to – so excited to meet you!*


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