I’m inviting you to become part of this brave woman tribe – 2018 is the year I want to start connecting with all of you on a deeper level and create space for all of us to go deep, grow, go far inside of our hearts and live in our natural personal flow. 

The Brave Woman Empowerment Course:

*Next week we’re creating for one week daily magic in 15 minutes or less – The Brave Woman Empowerment Course is for every woman who is busy BUT craves to connect back to herself and bring magic into her everyday life. For one week you’ll get an email from me…with a little story, a question to journal and get to know yourself better and simple ritual – it won’t take longer than 15 minutes but create a momentum you can use to keep creating magic in your life. And by magic, I mean feeling ALIVE. Feeling RADIANT. Feeling all that life has to offer you and go for that what makes your heart beat faster. We’re starting on Monday, 7 Euro until 2nd of March – commit & get your spot now.

*The Art Of Speaking-up Online Workshop:

We’re channeling the Goddess Tara, create fire, strengthen our inner center, work with our voice and get curious about shame and guilt that come with the block of speaking your personal truth.
4 Euro until Sunday (you’ll get the recording the 1st March week), 7 Euro afterward (or as a yearly package for 32 Euro!) – get it now! 


We admire brave people and feel so inspired by them but how brave are we able to be when listening to our hearts has a direct consequence of standing alone? Can we still listen to ourselves even dough everyone is saying the opposite, getting triggered and maybe even reject us? Can we still trust? Speak up? Share? Get really honest with ourselves?

Join me and other sisters the End of March and create 14 days of magic – the course is live channeled (means all content is prepared for this group and based on YOUR NEEDS) – early bird 32 Euro – JOIN NOW – it goes deep, it goes far into your heart…and towards freedom.


“I believe that if there is something you need in order to move forward, the universe will send you on a journey. The 14 days of brave women was a journey like that. Aleks created space for everyone to go deep within and allowed us to examine our beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. I loved that the exercises were simple, to the point and that I could really focus on the parts of me I used to look away from. I am grateful for connecting with all women who participated, the love and support that were omnipresent in any form of our communication. What I really enjoyed was that it wasn’t all positive affirmations and sugar coating. In the most loving way, Aleks made me face my own *shit* and lies I was telling myself. That helped me incredibly to dissolve the old concepts and I connected with the raw, authentic and wild woman that I am.” (Linda Bezdekova, Czech Republic)

*Relax Into Life – Gone Brave Woman Weekend Retreat in Ticino, Switzerland this September:

It takes balls to relax into life and stop controlling every step of it. Life gets me again and again to the point where all I can do is surrendering – if I want or not. It’s my choice. And it isn’t at the same time. During my advanced yoga teacher training – Tantric Hatha Yoga & Divine Feminine – I learned a lot… but the most important thing is: I RE-learned so much. I dropped masks. I dropped shoulds. I dropped shame. I dropped guilt. I dropped the pressure to be someone else or belittle myself so that others have space. I realized there is truly space for all of us and with ALL that we are. I feel called to create a space in Switzerland, where we can drop into ourSelves and learn to relax into life. Join me and 5 others sister on this journey of rediscovering our heart desires, lit up our inner fire and soften the walls we have built to protect ourselves. Book your space NOW since limited to 5 spots (4 left) 

*Gone Brave Woman goes BALI RETREAT, February 2019:

Control will just create more tension and heaviness, where trust leads to flow and experiencing life RICHLY.

I want to feel ALIVE. I want to live a RICH life. Means deeply experiencing all that life gives me – feeling it, sensing it, smelling it, tasting it. 
Because not living in alignment with your heart is being dead before death. It means denying and hurting yourself so deeply. It’s not always easy to die again and again on this inner journey but anything else is not an option anymore – numbing myself just doesn’t work anymore. You can only experience deep joy if you have met your deepest pain.

So sister… I want to create this safe space for you to experience and play with life beyond your comfort-zone, shoulds and conditioning. Leave your name and email…so you’ll get more sweet info as soon as I know more! <3 


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