Who am I?

What a great question.

I could now list many labels, characteristic attributes or tell you my transformational story from being a shallow fashion girl to a woman that had enough and left for a deep inner adventure…

I’d rather tell you my purpose because that’s something I feel deeply and constantly…

To be raw.
To be vulnerable.
To be authentic.
To be radically honest.
To go deep inside of myself.
And feel.

I’m not here to be comfortable but real.

And so is this place – you might not like all I write, all I teach, all I read, all I live by and all I spread around social media…

…and that’s okay.

Actually, it’s great.

I don’t want that you’re comfy. I want that you grow.

I want that you’re challenged.

And loved.


So if you’re ready for a wonderful deep inner journey that will also change your outer life – come join me.

Not always comfy… but real.


PS. I love sharing stories, thoughts, and experiences on Instagram (@aleksglitzeric) – come join me. <3 also feel always free to write me an email to hello@magicallifeofaleks.com